Integrating Metaverse
Worlds with Physical Worlds

Where Creativity and Innovation to integrate together know no limits and boundaries

Mission Statement

To be the Most Decentralized Coin in terms of Supplies

AI Analytics Building

One of the most exciting elements of the Dapp Building is it will be built to analyse the internet data and the blockchains what is the most unique applications, growing trends or growing market and also most needed features.

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Simple yet Effective Auto Burning Mechanism

Bitcoin (BTC) is 21 million or less in final supply where approximately every 4 years it halves in mining rewards. For Super Meta Coin (SMC) coin, this is the coin for common people, it is auto burning 0.1 percent in transaction fees from the supplies from billions so that much more people can own it and accumulate it, until SMC supplies is 12 million or less in supplies the auto burning. Also we can give incentives to users for owning the coin until the burning stops(TBC)

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Building Public Decentralized Blockchain

SMC believes in being decentralized in supplies, so we will build a new decentralized blockchain that balances on security, speed, throughput scaling and fees once we have a critical mass of 100k holders or more.

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Strong Support for Open Source Applications Development including web3

SMC will reserve development funds to fund projects that develops applications from bsc and then once migrated to new blockchain also port over or have cross chain for the developments. Fields like Ecommerce, decentralized exchanges, Auto Defi, Auto cross chains, metaverse, VR, AR, Gaming, NFTs, NFT Valuations and liquidity providing, wallets, can be supported.

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Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Best Connectivity in Blockchain Design

Great Value in Creative Innovation

Merging Real Worlds and Digital World Seamlessly

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Joint Experience


Great Goals for Open Source Blockchain


Great Ambition to attract Best DApps Building


Fastest Growing Support Group


Most Decentralized Supply

How Supermetacoin Works

From Huge Supplies to Limited Supplies

People wants buy cheap with limited funds or good funds that they have, so from billions burn to become 12 millions or less via transaction fees is quite a good option.

Open Source Robust Decentralized Blockchain

SMC will provide a framework to develop good and secured blockchain for applications to be build on top of the blockchain. Also, the transaction fees will be reasonably affordable.

Open Source Intelligent Applications

SMC will provide fundings for applications that qualifies for the grants to start mid to long term application development if they are qualified and selection.

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